Manitou Americas M 40 rough terrain vertical-masted forklift


The Manitou Americas M 40 rough terrain vertical-masted forklift is built to operate with bulk loads on uneven ground. Available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive, it features improved fuel economy, increased visibility and ergonomics with customized mast options and a sleek, curved body style. The M 40 provides a maximum lift height of 19' 6" and a maximum loading capacity of 8,179 lbs (3710 kg). An oscillating rear axle and wide stance of the front tires ensure the machine is stable in adverse conditions. Multiple mast configurations are designed to deliver optimal strength and rigidity while maintaining operator visibility. The overall compact dimensions of the machine and short turning radius also make it possible to navigate in areas where space is confined. Powered by a 74 hp (55 kW) Perkins Tier IV-certified diesel engine, the M 40 delivers up to 235 ft.-lbs. (318 Nm) of torque. Fuel consumption is reduced by 13 percent with the Tier IV engine, achieving up to 21,730 lbs. (9,666 daN) of tractive effort.To ensure proper routine maintenance and serviceability, the M 40 is designed to allow easy access to major operational components. The large engine hood lifts out of the way with removable side panels for quicker routing maintenance checks. The cab also tilts forward to allow full-service access, including the transmission and hydraulic components.