Canadian Bio-Systems NutraMix is designed as a feed enhancer that helps support safe, high-quality feed as well as animal benefits. It is available for use with both monogastric and ruminant livestock, including pigs, poultry, beef cattle and dairy cattle. NutraMix includes a combination of absorbents, yeast polysaccharides and vitamins, carefully formulated to maximize the complementary activities of these ingredients. Grain diseases and other potential sources of contaminants are a concern that fluctuates year to year, and NutraMix is a tool that helps address this concern, giving producers one less thing to worry about as a regular part of their nutrition strategy. It’s simple to integrate into a feeding program and Canadian Bio-Systems has resources to help the customer ensure it is applied at effective and efficient levels.One key component of the Canadian Bio-Systems NutraMix system is MycoCheck, a custom feed analysis tool available to NutraMix customers. MycoCheck allows producers to get an accurate and sophisticated picture of feed quality to pinpoint the best recommended use of NutraMix. MycoCheck takes away any guesswork and provides clear information to support the customer’s management decisions.

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