Clariant Toxisorb animal feed detoxifier


Clay mineral-based Clariant Toxisorb animal feed detoxifier is a natural and effective way to detoxify animal feed, keeping livestock healthy and contributing to safe food production by protecting against harmful mycotoxins. Mixed into animal feed, the adsorbents attract and bind toxins in the digestive tract of the animal. Once bound, the toxins are prevented from further transfer into the animal’s bloodstream and are eliminated with the digestive waste products. The clay products are returned to nature and even improve soil quality when the waste is used as field dung.The Clariant Toxisorb range is FAMI-QS-certified and covers a broad spectrum of toxins created by mold fungi. The products are highly effective, typically requiring only minimal dosage of 1-4 kg per ton of animal feed. Toxisorb Classic is for the adsorptive removal of Aflatoxins, the most harmful toxins. Toxisorb Premium is an all-round product that binds up to 90 percent of toxins, including those found in the digestive tract.