DSM VilliMax 70 sodium butyrate feed ingredient

DSM VilliMax 70 is a highly concentrated sodium butyrate feed ingredient. It is specially coated with a high lauric-acid fat and recommended for use in both conventional and ABF broiler and turkey programs, including NAE (No Antibiotics Ever), RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) and all-vegetable based diets.

VilliMax 70 can be utilized early in the gastrointestinal tract. To boost the effectiveness of VilliMax 70, DSM coated its highly concentrated supplement with a fat containing a high level of lauric acid to provide greater protection during the digestive process. The coating protects the butyrate for a longer period of time and permits its gradual release throughout the intestinal tract, so it can ultimately reach the lower segments of the intestine before it’s absorbed – where it’s most beneficial. Lauric acid also provides an additional energy source and further supports a healthy microbiome in the gut. 

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