Azelis Animal Nutrition Fibrase feed supplement

Azelis Animal Nutrition Fibrase Feed Supplement

Available as a combination of dried yeast and enzymatic fermentation extracts, Azelis Animal Nutrition Fibrase feed supplement improves feed efficiency by helping ruminants to break down more of the neutral detergent fiber (NDF) content of grass, maize and whole-crop silages. Fibrase combines dried yeast with fermentation substrates of Aspergillus fungi, which have proven amylolytic and fibrolytic enzyme activity. The synergistic combination of yeast and enzymes increases the biomass of the important fiber-digesting bacteria in the rumen and reduces the hydrolysis time of the starchy and fibrous components of the ration. It also helps to stabilize rumen pH, which will help cows, in particular, cope with acidic silages. 

Fibrase can be hand-tipped into TMR feeds, top-dressed or incorporated into rations manufactured at the feed mill. Recommended feed rate for dairy cows is 20 grams per head per day. The rate for beef cattle is 10 grams per head per day.

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