Us Poultry Maxiban 850 850
  • Dual-action Maxiban is a potentiated chemical that’s a 1:1 mixture of an ionophore (narasin) and a chemical (nicarbazin) to prevent coccidiosis throughout the bird’s life. This combination delivers multiple benefits.
  • Powerful, flexible anticoccidial option: By combining an ionophore and a chemical at lower doses, Maxiban allows for a wider dose range and extended use with minimal resistance concerns and maximized results.
  • Dual threat to coccidiosis: Attack cocci in two ways with Maxiban’s dual mode of action.
  • Protects intestinal integrity: Coccidiosis prevention also helps protect birds from enteritis and proliferation of the secondary pathogen Clostridium perfringens 1,2.
  • Responsible antibiotic use: Maxiban is among the most powerful ionophores. Get high performance that fits within animal-use-only antibiotic policies to meet consumer demands.

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