The ClearH2O GelDrop applicator is designed to dispense HydroDrop and DietDrop, the non-wetting gels offered by ClearH2O, for optimum topical application of vaccines, probiotics, nutrients, therapeutics and other dietary ingredients for day-old chicks and poults. It offers better gel delivery performance by optimizing the four key attributes of droplet size and adhesion, droplet distribution, homogeneous ingredient suspension and the non-wicking/wetting properties of the GelDrop products. The dual, independent three-row manifold heads are engineered with 60 nozzles to maximize the number of GelDrops that stick on contact, eliminating roll-off to increase the opportunity for preening and improve vaccine consumption. The manifold, in combination with the adjustable application volume (from 25 mL to 60 mL per chick box), and programmable delivery time ensure thorough GelDrop coverage to achieve complete individual chick dosage.