Zoetis Zoamix synthetic anticoccidial

Zoetis Zoamix is a synthetic anticoccidial for the prevention and control of coccidiosis in broilers and turkeys. It is a Type A Medicated Article that can be used safely year-round with no withdrawal. Because it is a synthetic compound, Zoamix is compatible with antibiotic-free or conventional production systems. As with all in-feed anticoccidials, Zoetis recommends resting the medication periodically to maintain good efficacy. Zoamix is unique in that it’s a synthetic compound but works similarly to an ionophore by allowing some cycling of Eimeria, the parasite that causes coccidiosis. That cycling, commonly called leakage by poultry producers and veterinarians, allows the development of natural immunity against the disease.In addition to preventing and controlling coccidiosis in broilers and turkeys, Zoetis Zoamix can be used for the development of active immunity against coccidiosis in replacement chickens. Zoamix is also approved for use in combination with BMD (bacitracin methylene disalicylate), a feed medication used to manage necrotic enteritis in chickens and transmissible enteritis in turkeys. Zoetis Zoamix also further strengthens Rotecc Coccidiosis Management, a science-based initiative Zoetis launched earlier this year to help poultry producers develop more strategic, cost-effective and sustainable programs for battling the costly parasitic disease. Having one more anticoccidial to use in a rotation program could help preserve the efficacy of other coccidiosis medications.

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