Chr. Hansen Gallipro Fit 10G probiotic (OMRI listed)

The Gallipro Fit 10G from Chr. Hansen is a next-generation probiotic product for poultry. It is a combination of three highly selected, naturally occurring, efficacious strains of probiotic organisms. Daily feeding of GalliPro® Fit will support normal growth and group livability in commercial poultry flocks and will reduce the shedding of potentially pathogenic organisms., thereby, positively impacting pre-harvest food safety.

The Gallipro Fit 10G is Allowed With Restrictions for use in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program, as reviewed by OMRI. The listing of GalliPro® Fit 10G indicates its compliance with the OMRI Standards Manual, which is based on the USDA National Organic Program regulations (7 CFR Part 205).

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