Animal Science Products Gel Pac

Animal Science Products Gel-Pac is a powdered biological carrier that hatcheries mix with water to prepare an edible gel spray. Gel-Pac can be used to deliver coccidiosis vaccines, prebiotics, phytochemicals, immune modulators and more. It also contains stabilizing power to insulate probiotics and live virus vaccines from potential threats in the water supply and has been used to protect biologicals when mixed with cocci vaccine. The solution preserves a live vaccine’s activity using protective stabilizers to guard it from the threats of decay caused by oxidizers, inappropriate pH, and, in some cases, poor mineral balance. Gel-Pac also aids in chick hydration, a vital benefit when preparing the birds for transport. 

Preparing a gel spray with Gel-Pac takes less than three minutes resulting in a stable gel that provides a uniform ingredient suspension.  The ability to deliver ingredients that are normally insoluble is an added advantage, as the viscosity of the gel can be modified to ensure proper product suspension.  When sprayed on chicks and poults, the colored gel-droplets ride high on the feathers, allowing for rapid and complete preening that ensures maximal ingestion of product without wetting and chilling the birds.  Gel-Pac utilizes ASP’s novel stabilization system to protect and nurture fragile oral vaccines and probiotics.

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