EMD Millipore Readybag pathogen testing pouches


EMD Millipore Readybag pathogen testing pouches are pre-weighed and gamma-irradiated, and can be used for testing Salmonella or Listeria. Readybag pouches eliminate all media preparation steps and reduce typical sample preparation time by more than 50 percent. They have a shelf life of three years and come in a soluble, granulated format. Readybag pouches eliminate the need for autoclaving, weighing media and handling supplements. The only step required prior to incubation is the addition of sterile water, thus reducing sample preparation time and streamlining workflow. The pouches reduce the chance of human error, which can be high in the field of microbiological testing. The irradiation dosage added to Readybag media does not impede microorganism growth; its performance is similar to non-irradiated, autoclaved culture media. Because of its soluble, granulated format, it compacts fine particles into small, uniform granules, thus reducing dust generation, dispersion and the risk of inhalation of hazardous or toxic substances. The media is also ISO 11133 compliant.