WITT Gas Controls Leak-Master Mapmax in-line leak detection


WITT Gas Controls Leak-Master Mapmax offers in-line leak detection for high-integrity packaging. It enables detection of even the smallest leaks using CO2 as a trace gas and integrates seamlessly into any packaging line. Leak-Master Mapmax is able to check the entire volume of a line for leaks, contact-free, and in a non-destructive manner. It can reach industry best 15 cycles per minute. A vacuum in the Mapmax test chamber creates pressure differences between the packaging and the chamber. Even the smallest leaks in the packaging allow gas to escape, and this is detected by highly-sensitive and ultra-fast sensors. The technology focuses on the detection of carbon dioxide leaks, as this gas is already present in most inert gas packaging, avoiding the use of more costly helium or hydrogen. The Mapmax can be connected to the company's electronic network via Ethernet to enable controlling and data logging. If a leakage is detected, potential-free contacts switch upstream and downstream systems such as alarms and the machine stops.