PakSense AutoSense Facility temperature monitoring system


PakSense AutoSense Facility, powered by Controlant, is a system that monitors temperatures in stationary areas such as storage and processing facilities, walk-in coolers and freezers, and cold cases. The system is completely wireless and uses gateways that connect to a cloud database using cellular connectivity. AutoSense also proactively alerts users of temperature excursions via email or text and provides automated compliance reporting.AutoSense Facility utilizes fixed wireless (RF 915MHz) sensors that communicate continuously with a gateway. All data is uploaded to the centralized cloud database where proactive out-of-range alerts and reports are automatically generated and delivered. As part of the self-auditing watchdog system, all gateways include a 10 hour battery back-up that keeps the system live in the event of a power failure. The system is extensible and easily upgraded. The same gateways used in facility monitoring can be leveraged as part of an outbound temperature monitoring program providing continuous visibility of the supply chain.