EnviroGear Pumps G Series sealed internal gear pumps

Enviro Gear Pumps G Series Sealed Internal Gear Pumps

EnviroGear Pumps G Series sealed internal gear pumps utilize only two moving parts and operate equally well in both directions while providing a positive, non-pulsating flow. The design provides multiple inlet and outlet positioning, a single end-clearance adjustment and easy drive-end access for ease of maintenance and adjustability. G Series pumps are available in both cast iron and stainless steel, and are reliable, durable and cost effective for challenging industrial applications involving both thin and highly viscous liquids up to 431,000 cSt. Interchangeable with 95 percent of the internal gear pumps on the market, EnviroGear G Series pumps allow easy equipment upgrades with no piping changes, no driver changes, no coupling changes, no flow rate changes and no baseplate changes.