Gea Cook Star 600 Spiral Oven

The GEA CookStar 600 is an in-line spiral oven that offers energy savings, shorter cleaning times, lower cleaning costs and lower maintenance costs to reduce overall operational costs. A spiral conveyor transports the products into the multi-zone cooking area. Each zone can have its own cooking conditions with temperatures up to 200C. Almost all products can be produced in the GEA CookStar, including steamed, coated, marinated and enhanced browned products, roasted bone-in, roasted boneless and formed products. Full access to the the machine interior and smart zone separation enhance the ability to clean, while the CIP (clean in place) system uses a unique inside-out-spray system from the rotating drum to ensure cleaning of strategic areas in the cooking zones. To avoid cross contamination between different products the belt brushes can be taken out and exchanged by another set.  

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