The Tel-Tru Manufacturing Check-Set calibrator provides accurate and cost-effective calibration and accuracy verification for a wide range of thermometers and temperature measurement instruments, including dial and digital thermometers, filled system bulbs and electronic temperature sensors. Food safety professionals using a Check-Set will enjoy less plant down time due to faster and easier certification of temperature instruments; ice and boiling water techniques are simply not needed. The Check-Set design features: improved temperature stability; an interchangeable test well into which a thermometer is inserted; multiple standard well inserts to accommodate various applications; built-in wrench options that allow for instrument calibration; compact housing; and simple controls. 

Convenient and safe to use, the Check-Set offers industry-leading accuracy of ±0.2F. Temperature set points between 40F and 212F are available, and custom set points can also be provided upon request. Check-Set units will satisfy the demanding requirements for plant quality assurance, preventative controls, food safety, and instrument calibration and service applications.

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