This calcium humophosphate is listed at the European Animal Feed Register (008979‐EN). Phosphea offers a phosphate that provides high quality phosphorus and contributes to a better use of other nutrients, more specifically plant‐based phosphorus. HumIPHORA reduces the incorporation of phosphate in formulas compared to conventional sources on the market. 

On the one hand, HumIPHORA provides mineral phosphorus and on the other hand, controls the antinutritional effect of calcium. Calcium, although essential for the growth of broiler, can have an antinutritional effect if not used carefully. Thus, during he digestion process, solubilized calcium enters the gut where the pH is higher: It can create complexation with other nutrients such as proteins, ortho‐phosphates or phytic acid. The chelation properties of HumIPHORA would limit these re‐complexations and therefore improve, among other things, the use of plant‐based phosphorus in the feed.

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