0706 Pi Products Jarvis Opt(2)

Jarvis Products produces three different models of power-scissors of different sizes. All three models provide effortless cutting, and dramatically reduce operator fatigue resulting from repetitive operations. Models 15, 35 and 70 Airsnip pneumatic-powered scissors greatly improve any operation currently done with regular scissors, knife or a hand clipper. They are all lightweight and easy to clean as they are totally immersible. The scissors have been designed for such common poultry applications as gizzard harvest and splitting, heart and liver harvest, opening (after venting), leg disjointing, tail cutting, foot removal and a wide variety of trimming operations including wings, deboned thighs, breasts, tenders, blisters, toe nails, cones, leaf fat and inspection/salvage. All three models have an adjustable speed control that provides 1-4 cuts/second. Jarvis also provides many different blade sizes and styles with their line of Airsnip scissors.

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