Energyficient Systems Agrificient LED light


The Energyficient Systems Agrificient LED light is a rugged, long-lasting lighting solution designed for swine facilities. The Agrificient LED is waterproof, both inside and out, to protect against water from typical power washing in swine barns and the ingress of water through the conduits that fill up the traditional glass jar fixtures. This waterproof design also prevents insects from collecting inside the lens. The LED light features a low profile to provide more clearance. Installation is simple; the one-piece design simply screws into original glass jar bases, and no additional work is required. The unit is made of polycarbonate and ultra-tough nylon, making it nearly indestructible. It contains no mercury and uses approximately 14 watts of power and provides approximately 1,000 lumens. The polycarbonate lens is diffused white (not crystal clear) to reduce glare, making it easier to see through the barns. An Active Thermal Management System included in the Agrificient LED constantly circulates the cooler ambient air past the special heat sink, keeping the electronics cooler than other methods and controlling the heat it generates to extend the life of the bulb. The Agrificient LED is focused at 120 degrees to project the light where it needs to be -- on the animal.