The Easy Feeder, from WEDA Damman & Westerkamp, is a mobile feeding automat, with a powerful battery and with a robust undercarriage. The Easy Feeder comes with a 125-liter feeding container and an agitator which mixes thedosificated components in the container. The electric motor allows the agitator and the pump to run up to five hours in continuous use.The agitator and pump are separately switchable so that after mixing of the feed, only the pump will stay in operation; saving energy. During the feeding process, the agitator operates slowly. During faster agitation, the Easy Feeder can be connected to the mains by means of the 230 Volt plug. The Easy Feeder is equipped with a recharger and a switchbox; the latter being manufactured of high-grade steel. The switchbox is attached to the underside of the automat, preventing the Easy Feeder from tilting and making it mobile. An additional advantage lies in the fact that the handle for pushing can be adjusted on two different levels. Due to the ergonomic height of 1100 mm, cleaning becomes more efficient. Waste is kept to a minimum during feed distribution. Liquid feed is supplied through a feed lance. The dosification valve opens when the tip of the lance is slightly pressed into the trough. Depending on the viscosity of the feed, the pump pressure can be infinitely adjusted at the container. This prevents uncontrolled splashing out of the feed from the feed receptacles.

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