Brookside Agra YoghurLac is a concentrated and energy-rich, acidified powder yogurt product for weaning and weak, suckling piglets. Composed of milk powder, dried vegetable products, glucose, skimmed milk powder, electrolytes, sodium chloride, citric acid and lactic acid bacteria, YoghurLac helps to promote healthier intestinal function, increase piglet production, and improve feed intake and growth performance. With a shelf life of two years when kept dry in the bucket, YoghurLac is ready to mix with water anytime you need it, and it is at least 25 percent cheaper than dairy yogurt, and just as nutritional. YoghurLac is typically given to piglets during the first week of life in large litters where the sow is nursing many piglets, the sow does not give a sufficient amount of milk, there is risk of diarrhea or the litter has many small and weak piglets. In post weaning piglets, YoghurLac may be given to litters or piglets that have fallen behind and need extra care, are suffering from diarrhea or have just received an antibiotic treatment. YoghurLac consists of: milk powder, which provides easily absorbed nutrients and increased palatability; lactic acid bacteria, which stabilizes the intestinal system; citric acid, which gives a fresh taste and lowers pH to inhibit the growth of E-coli; lactose, which is milk sugar, an effective and easily metabolized energy source; and electrolytes, which ensures optimum salt and fluid balance in the intestine.

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