Nebraska Cultures ProDURA Bacillus coagulans strain

Nebraska Cultures ProDURA Bacillus coagulans strain is a highly resilient probiotic that is strong enough to withstand processing, shipping, storage and even stomach acid and bile, yet bioavailable for the work it is meant to do. It survives at temperatures up to 110C with almost no loss in potency, making it ideal for use in processed food, softgel and gummy applications. The probiotic offers stability at both very high and low pH conditions, delivering higher counts to the digestive tract.ProDURA is a spore-forming bacterium with a durable, thermal-resistant naturally protective coating that stays dormant until it meets the perfect conditions of heat, pH and moisture found in the large intestine. The ProDURA Bacillus coagulans strain has been shown to aid in digestion, discourage bacterial, yeast and fungal infections, and may contribute to lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.