Gast Manufacturing Claw Pumps

With nominal capacities from 186 to 360m3/h at 60Hz, vacuum capability to 25.5”HgV and pressures up to 17psi, Gast Manufacturing claw pumps are ideal for numerous vacuum, compression, aeration, extraction and drying applications. They also provide 100 percent duty cycle and, with no carbon vanes and significantly less gear lubricant to replace, are quicker, easier and cheaper to maintain. With moderate energy consumption and high efficiency, Gast's claw pumps (models: PA.155, PA.315, VA.155 and VA.315) use contactless rotors that are synchronized by gears without any lubrication in the pumping chamber. This frictionless operation avoids any residue (generated by rubbing during rotation) from contaminating the air supply and means lower maintenance and operating costs, longer lasting performance and improved total cost of ownership.

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