Soter Technologies SymptomSense Screening Evaluation Gateway

Soter Technologies SymptomSense Medical Evaluation Gateway

The SymptomSense Screening Evaluation Gateway from Soter Technologies is an electronic walk-through full-body health scanner that looks similar to metal detectors used at security checkpoints. Similar to the rapid evaluation that an individual would receive at a hospital emergency room, SymptomSense gathers critical vitals including blood oxygen level, which is more important than body temperature, when assessing if an individual is ill.

SymptomSense uses an array of sensors to provide a rapid, non-invasive, hands-free approach for gaining real-time vital signs, including detecting blood oxygen levels, external body temperature within 0.2 degrees of accuracy (Celsius), elevated heart rate, respiration rate, shortness of breath, lung congestion, height, weight and, in the future, non-contact blood pressure. 

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