Roxell Siroc Pure space heater with closed combustion

Roxell Heating Closed Combustion Heater Render Siroc Pure 1 300dpi
The Roxell Siroc Pure space heater with closed combustion offers heat without combustion gas in the house. A chimney carries away the residual CO, CO2 and condensate from the combustion process. This means you need less ventilation to keep the indoor air clean, dry and low in ammonia. Siroc Pure therefore improves the condition of the litter and the animals’ health. The chimney only carries away combustion air, which is good for the energy consumption. 92 % of the heat produced remains indoors, which is one of the highest percentages for this type of heating. When tested in cold regions, the heater achieved the target temperature in the house in less than two days following the start of a new flock. This is a speed that is unmatched by competing types. The chimney is double-walled with one flue drawing in the outdoor air that is required for the combustion. Through heat exchange, the second inner flue with the hot combustion gases heats the incoming cold air. This recuperation of heat makes the Siroc Pure a very energy-efficient heater. This high performance heating is transmitted via a long-range heat projection fan. The air flow reaches 70 meters and this powerful fan distributes the heat optimally. In terms of projection, Siroc Pure is a market leader, which means you need fewer heating appliances in large houses. Roxell’s first new heating appliance with closed combustion therefore offers extra-long heat projection while ensuring clean indoor air quality.
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