Brookside Agra Runt-Rescue nutrient supplement

Brookside Agra Runt Rescue Nutrient Supplement

Brookside Agra Runt-Rescue is a fast-acting, all-natural nutrient supplement that gives weak, newborn piglets a much-needed energy boost and a chance at survival. It helps to reduce mortality in large litters, prevents weak piglets from starving and provides small piglets with the energy boost they need to find and secure a teat for suckling. Runt-Rescue is particularly efficient in litters diagnosed with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus.

The formulation contains hyper immunized egg powder that contains egg-based antibodies derived from hens strategically vaccinated with specific antigens over time. This ingredient in Runt-Rescue helps to fend off such intestinal pathogens such as rotavirus, coronavirus, E. coli and Salmonella. Runt-Rescue also contains the following all-natural ingredients: vitamins A, D and E, which plays a vital role in bone growth and immune system health; selenium, an important trace mineral promoting a healthy immune system; MDFA rich fats, which are highly digestible energy boosters; sunflower and coconut oil, which contains high amounts of protein and carbohydrates for energy and helps to strengthen bones and muscles and the immune system; and caffeine, which increases energy and stamina.

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