Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement program

Moba Americas offers the Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement (PMSA) program, which can be set up for a series of 4 to 12 visits from a member of Moba’s factory-trained service team at reduced rates. Technicians can perform any number of selected tasks throughout the life of the agreement. Examples of some of the services provided can include: review of all safety systems on the equipment; overall system performance evaluation; recommendations for optimization, including throughput and productivity improvements; functionality evaluation, component wear and identification of assemblies in need of repair; itemization and quotation of parts in need of replacement; review of spare parts inventory and recommended stocking levels; equipment adjustments required to meet operating specifications; inspection and correction of all loose mechanical and electrical connections; review of operating, maintenance and cleaning procedures; planning and scheduling of maintenance and rebuild activities; assistance with establishing preventative maintenance plans in line with SQF requirements; in-plant training; and review of system for existing or potential performance upgrades.

The Moba technician can arrange a parts quote while at your facility. Upon request, a detailed report can be provided to include tasks accomplished and recommendations going forward. This program was designed to help Moba’s customers maximize the performance of their equipment and to keep them up to date with the latest improvements.

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