Marel Poultry Innova Impaqt Software

Marel Poultry Innova IMPAQT, the Intelligent Monitoring of Performance Availability and Quality Trends, is a real-time software development based on OEE, the industrial standard for measuring production effectiveness. Sensors embedded in equipment from live bird handling through all departments right up to the end of the line continuously gather information, allowing data on performance, availability and quality to be analyzed and scored minute by minute. IMPAQT presents its information centrally and by department on clear, easy to read dashboards. Historical data is also available, which allows current effectiveness to be compared to past situations. This helps ensure solid decision making, based on well-founded facts.

IMPAQT points up all losses and shows the way to an improved process. If there is an issue with any equipment anywhere in the plant, both the issue itself and its exact location will be immediately visible, allowing production management to draw up fast and effective plan of action. There is no longer any need to wait for written reports at the end of production. Valuable time is gained, as issues which could impact on productivity and profitability can be tackled straight away. A 100 percent IMPAQT score means that there is no downtime, all equipment is operating at its designed capacity and turning out “A” grade end products.

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