Roxell Siroc Hydro hot water heater

Roxell Heating Hot Water Heater Render Siroc Hydro 1 300dpi
The Siroc Hydro hot water heater features a hot water radiator that draws air in through the inlet, heats it and releases the air radially at a height close to the animals via a fan with six adjustable outlet grills. This heating system is a circular system but it also takes in oxygen from outdoors and mixes it with the warm air. Recuperation, energy efficiency and low ventilation are the advantages of Siroc Hydro and are particularly favorable in cold climates. It is also beneficial to the health of the animals because there are no emissions or condensate in the house. The design of the air distribution unit that blows air over the animals is unique. The six adjustable outlet grills are put in a special angle and that gives the hot air an extra spin. This effect ensures better circulation and therefore an improved heat distribution. You can individually adjust the shutters on the outlet grills to the dimensions of the house. Siroc Hydro also has a very powerful radiator that effortlessly achieves an indoor temperature of 35 °C (95 °F), even in cold climates, which is an absolute must for day-old chicks. The Siroc Hydro hot water heater will be popular with farmers that are seeking an alternative with high thermal efficiency.
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