The International Poultry Expo is collaborating with the University of Georgia to promote the Georgia International Poultry Short Course 2012 to be held January 27–31, 2012, in Athens, Ga. Registrants who sign up for the course will also receive registration to the 2012 International Poultry Expo, which will take place January 24-26, 2012, in Atlanta.

The course is a four-day conference designed by the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Georgia. It covers a broad range of topics, including:


  • U.S. poultry industry structure and economics
  • poultry nutrition
  • poultry diets
  • broiler breeder management
  • incubation/hatchery management
  • hot weather management
  • cold weather ventilation
  • foot pad dermatitis
  • poultry mortality management
  • live production environmental management
  • poultry processing
  • processing food safety and HACCP
  • environmental impacts of processing
  • biosecurity and vaccination programs
  • egg layer production and management
  • pastured poultry
  • energy use and conservation
  • animal welfare

Registration for the course is $800, and regular registration is open through December 15. Registration after January 15, 2012 will incur an additional fee.