The Mexican Ministry of Economy has announced a preliminary determination regarding an antidumping investigation involving chicken leg quarters imported to Mexico from the U.S. The case was brought forward by Industrias Bachoco S.A.B. de C.V.  and two other companies in 2010, and hearings began in August 2011. 

The resolution established these main points:


  • There are dumping conditions on chicken leg quarters imported from the U.S., including margins ranging from 62.9 percent to 129.77 percent.
  • These practices damaged the domestic poultry industry.
  • The Ministry possesses all elements for establishing anti-dumping duties, but did not proceed as the interested parties expressed the will to reach an agreement.
  • The antidumping practices investigation process with regards to chicken leg quarters price discrimination will continue.
  • The Ministry agreed to establish a 30-business-day period for the interested parties to provide additional arguments or elements deemed relevant to the investigation. This term started the day after the resolution was issued.