Poultry pest control products were among those recognized in this year's INNOV'SPACE Awards, the innovation awards that form part of the trade show SPACE to recognize new products and services.

Red mites

A One Star award was awarded to Elanco's Elector, which entered the French market for use against red mites in May. One application of Elector can provide total protection against red mites for up to 12 weeks due to its new mode of action, and trials in France have shown effectiveness within three to four days.

About 70 percent of layer farms in France are thought to be infected with red mite, and it is the second most important problem reported by French egg farmers. Europe-wide, some 74 percent of farms are thought to be infected.

Elector requires mites to adapt to two different nerve site receptors instead of one, making survival more difficult. Additionally, the product has a continuous effect, as the mites are subject to a double exposure. Spraying in hiding places give one exposure, and migration over surfaces offers another.

Lesser meal worms

Palmatrap, exhibited by San San Prodesing/Koppert France was awarded one star in this year's innovation awards.


The conical structure has been designed to capture lesser meal worms and fits over a bowl filled with feed. The product's rough exterior facilitates entry to the opening at the top and access to the feed, but its smooth interior makes exit difficult. Its manufacturers note that the trap, made from 100 percent recyclable plastic, can trap many kilos of insects, and that the device is robust and can be used over many years.

Rats and mice

A One Star award was also went to Wisecon France's Wisebox. The Wisebox rat controller is 100 percent poison free and offers a method of control that is based on the natural behavior of rats and mice.

The basic system is a box with an entry hole. Once the mouse or rat enters, it is electrocuted and bagged, meaning that when the box is emptied, carcasses do not have to be touched.

However, with Wisebox Intelligent, a daily followup is possible offering a record of the work of the traps, and the number of killed rats and mice can be accessed via internet. Wisebox can be placed inside or outside the poultry house and communicates with the farm manager by SMS when it needs emptying.

The trap is battery operated but also has a solar panel to extend battery life.