A new Ariztía hatchery plant in Lagunillas, Casablanca, Chile, was dedicated at an event to celebrate the 77-year history of Ariztía in the chicken incubation and chicken production business. The hatchery was built with state-of-the-art technology to maximize poultry genetics and place another milestone in the Chilean poultry industry.

At the ceremony, held on August 26, Manuel Ariztía, president of the company, participated along with managers of departments that make up the organization, in addition to the poultry staff and special guests. Attendees toured the premises, noting their satisfaction and pride with the facility. 

"It gives me great joy to be with you all at the blessing of this grandmothers and grandfathers hatchery, that not only means having the latest advances in this area, but a recovery of the traditional line of 77 years of work in poultry of my family and myself. With this, we will not only supply our needs, but we have a surplus for third parties and, in particular, to export best quality products," said Ariztía.

He explained that the hatchery aims to produce the best chickens at the end of the chain. "The idea is to improve the genetic pathway of our company, the results of which will be to have more uniform, vigorous chicks, with more eggs per breeder, higher conversion rates, less mortality, etc. Our challenge is to always be a world-class company."