A predominant name in Oyster Shell calcium, Warehouse Shell Sales, is celebrating 75 years in the poultry business at a time when their product is experiencing a resurgence of use. Warehouse Shell Sales is the manufacturer and distributor of the Coastal Shell supplement

"We feel very fortunate that the trend towards organic and natural products has resulted in a resurgence of Coastal Brand Shell use," said Gary Lund, president and the fourth owner since the company opened in 1939.  "Oyster Shell has always been the standard way to produce a better shell and healthier chicken, but only recently has the true added value of Oyster Shell been recognized over other calcium approaches." 

Nutritionists had identified that oyster shell remains in the gizzard and is processed by the hen over time as compared to lime which is immediately eliminated.  The result is that with Shell, the hen uses less supplement and the ammonia build up in the hen house is much less according to research.  It's especially valuable in floor hens where free ranging hens consume only what they need.  Using Shell has shown to produce five or more saleable eggs per bird according to another study due to a stronger egg shell for less breakage.


"Our organic Shell product meets the growing trend for the consumer who wishes to eat healthy eggs and chickens from 'Organic' and 'All Natural' producers. We have also created a consumer based marketing program that allows our customers to leverage the use of our organic Shell in their feed to help them sell more eggs while producing more customer good will and loyalty," added Lund.

"If the enthusiasm keeps going, there is no reason to think that we will not be around in another 75 years," he said.