Ziggity Systems is launching an educational campaign and a new web resource called Poultry Watering U to promote better management of poultry watering systems, including correcting misconceptions about the effective management of such systems that could hurt flock performance results. The campaign will consist of paid advertising space and public relations efforts in conjunction with the Poultry Watering U website, where producers can go to access videos and other current information about watering systems management for nipple-type drinkers. 

Visitors may also subscribe to regular e-bulletins about poultry watering systems management through the site.

Addressing poultry watering misconceptions

As the only manufacturer exclusively focused on poultry watering systems, Ziggity has extensive field experience with helping producers optimize their management procedures for best results. Ziggity is concerned about several common misconceptions regarding how birds drink and what it sees as misguided attempts to create standards by which producers set "correct" water pressure. Ziggity personnel said such standards are seriously flawed in ways that can negatively affect flock production.

"The standards that have been proposed by some do not accurately reflect what happens when chickens actually drink, and do not correlate across different brands of drinkers or to any optimal way of enhancing flock performance," the company stated. "In fact, we have found just the opposite often happening: birds drinking from water lines 'managed by formula' are often receiving too little or too much water, both of which can negatively impact flock performance."


Management by results

"Our effort includes boiling down into clear language how birds actually interact with enclosed watering systems, and demonstrating, through our own testing, the watering procedures that we have found to yield the best results."

"We believe it is in the best interest of everyone - producers, distributors and poultry companies - to refine poultry management practices to yield the best possible results. This is important enough that we have chosen to focus much of our marketing budget on this educational campaign in an effort to move our industry forward in this regard."

The main thrust of the campaign focuses on such issues as water usage vs. water consumption - water actually consumed by birds vs. amount of water delivered through drinking lines - and environmental factors that can affect litter conditions, with such conditions being the most useful guide to optimizing flock water delivery.

"Producers should find the videos and other materials on the Poultry Watering U website most helpful in understanding the 'why' of watering system management as well as the actual procedures themselves," the company stated.  "These are all concepts and procedures our representatives go over with our customers that we think would be helpful to communicate to a broader audience. There really is a science to poultry watering management that needs to be better understood industry-wide."