House of Raeford Farms, based in Rose Hill, North Carolina, has opened a 64,000 square foot further processing cook plant in Mocksville, North Carolina. The facility will produce fully-cooked chicken products including grill-marked fajita strips and filets, whole-muscle and formed chicken tenders, filets, wings, nuggets, patties, fully-cooked chicken sausage and and fully-cooked chicken burgers. 

In a related move, the House of Raeford Farms also acquired the Speedy Bird trademark, formerly associated with Townsends, with the intention of launching many of these items under this popular brand.

In announcing the acquisition on May 27, Bob Johnson, president and CEO of House of Raeford Farms, indicated that this action supports the company’s strategy announced in 2013 to expand its cooked chicken product lines in conjunction with an increase in chicken production volumes. 


“Combined with production capabilities at our cook plants in Raeford, North Carolina, and Hemingway, South Carolina, we are now in a position to offer our retail, foodservice, and co-pack customers an even wider variety of further processed chicken and turkey products at competitive prices and increased supply,” said Johnson. 

The Mocksville plant began operations in April and plans to grow to over 200 associates during the next several years.  The facility, a former Townsends chicken processing plant, has been idle for the past two years. The facility has been greatly improved, having undergone refurbishing of the building, equipment, and grounds. According to Chris Murray, the company’s environmental manager, this includes a revamping of the wastewater and refrigeration systems to provide an environmentally sound and safe operation.

Johnson also emphasized the company looks forward to becoming an integral part of the Mocksville and Davie County communities, both as an employer and as a good corporate citizen.