Bucky Gwartney, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, has been named 2014-15 president-elect of the American Meat Science Association (AMSA). The professional and emeritus members of AMSA cast their votes for president-elect and three new directors, with the new board members beginning their terms at the end of the AMSA 2014 67th Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Newly elected directors include Gretchen Mafi, Oklahoma State University; Lauren Sammel, Oscar Mayer, Division of Kraft Foods; and Dan Schaefer, Cargill.


Robert Delmore (2013-14 president), Brad Morgan (2013-14 president-elect), Casey Frye treasurer, and directors Betsy Booren (RMC 2014 chair), Susan Shivas, John Stika, John Scanga, Steve Larsen and T. Dean Pringle (2015 RMC chair) will continue their terms on the board. Scott Eilert, Ann Brackenridge, Jerry Cannon and Dana Hanson will conclude their terms on the board at the end of the AMSA 67th RMC.

“AMSA is in good hands with a high skilled group of individuals who are passionate about the meat science community,” said AMSA Executive Director Thomas Powell. “I look forward to working with this board in the coming year to create opportunities for our members to collaborate and excel in service to science and society.”