Husi Food Co. has withdrawn all of its products manufactured by Shanghai Husi from the marketplace. The company has done so in an effort to help rebuild the trust of its customers and consumers, as well as to cooperate with the investigation of the company after it allegedly repackaged expired poultry and beef and sold it with false expiration dates printed.

Quick service restaurant chains KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Dicos reportedly purchased the products for their Chinese locations, not knowing they were expired. McDonald’s also purchased expired meats for locations in Japan.

The alleged incident is being investigated by the Shanghai Office of the State Food and Drug Administration. Husi Food Co., along with its parent company, OSI Group, is also conducting its own investigation. Husi Food Co. is looking into any possible failures on the part of current and former management, the company said in a news release. Should any misconduct be uncovered, OSI Group said it will take swift and decisive action against those responsible, including all relevant disciplinary and/or legal measures. 


Brent Afman, senior vice president and managing director of OSI APMEA, said: "These decisions are the most responsible course of action we can take at this point in time. We are working hard to bring assurance to our customers and ultimate consumers.”

OSI Group said it will conduct a full, fair, and comprehensive investigation on managers at all levels for evidence of management failures. In the meantime, Chinese operations will be managed by global management in accordance with global standards of quality management.

Afman said OSI’s global support teams are arriving in Shanghai and are working closely with the local team and conducting of a “leave-no-stone-unturned” investigation. As part of this process, OSI has been and will continue to fully cooperate with the Shanghai agency and other regulatory organizations. 

“We are committed to openness and transparency.  We are providing clear and full explanations and findings to all concerned as early as possible,” said Afman.  “We remain committed to our presence in China and have sent our best team of global experts to ensure we resolve this.  We are very proud of our team members and our operations in other parts of China.  It reinforces our confidence and commitment to China.  We have a great deal yet to deliver to China.”