The U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service released February shell eggs and products exports. In February 2009, 3.912 million dozen were exported representing a 65% increase over the corresponding month in 2008. 

The value of shell eggs exported was $3.2 million, which is a 31% increase over February 2008. 

Unit value, however, declined to 82 cents, a 20.4% decrease, reflecting domestic prices and availability. The reduction in price made U.S. exports more attractive compared to $1.03 per dozen prevailing in February 2008. 


Hong Kong increased imports by 65% with significant advances also recorded for Canada and mainland China. 

Egg product exports increased to 6,342 dozen shell egg equivalents, a reduction of 24% over February 2008. The value of exports was $7.1 million and unit value increased by 31% to $1.12 per dozen egg equivalents.

The USDA forecasts egg exports for 2009 at 221 million dozen representing a slight increase over 2008. Traditional purchasers including Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Mexico will continue to buy U.S. shell eggs and products although demand in these countries and other areas of the world will be depressed.