Brazilian poultry feed production increased by 2.9 percent during the first six months of 2014 to reach 31.5 million tons, reports the country’s feed industry association Sindiracoes.

For the period January to June 2014, sales of broiler feed grew by 2.8 percent to reach 15.3 million tons. The association notes that broiler feed prices were lower over the period and that broiler producers were able to adjust their output to local market conditions and benefited from stability in the international arena, as well as gaining new export markets.


Sales of layer feed grew by 3.4 percent to stand at 2.8 million tons over the period. Between January and May, chick placements increased by 10 percent, and this made up for the removal of older hens.

Overall feed output over the first semester grew by 2.4 percent. The rate of growth in poultry feed sales, however, was lower than that recorded for all other species with the exception of pig feed, which recorded a small contraction. So far this year, feed for horses, dairy cattle, and cats and dogs have witnessed the strongest increases in demand.