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At upcoming Purina Chick Days events, flock raisers can learn tips on raising chicks to grow into egg-laying hens.
on January 29, 2015

Purina Animal Nutrition announces 2015 Purina Chick Days

Flock raisers are invited to visit local Purina retailers to learn tips for raising happy, healthy backyard flocks

Purina Animal Nutrition announces its 2015 Purina Chick Days events. During this nationwide program, Purina retailers will host local educational events from January-May 2015, sharing steps for starting and maintaining backyard flocks of chickens, geese, turkeys or ducks. 

Since the event’s introduction, backyard flocks have trended forward – with flock raisers enjoying the entertainment and companionship of backyard birds as well as the fresh, nutritious eggs the birds produce for their families.

Purina retailers nationwide will provide how-to recommendations on starting and maintaining backyard flocks during the 2015 Purina Chick Days. Participating Purina dealers will also have available PurinaStart & Grow and Purina Flock Raiser Premium Poultry Feeds.

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