Hy-Line International, a world leader in layer poultry genetics, recognized its 15-year partnership with C.V. Missouri of Indonesia while at the VIV Asia tradeshow in Bangkok, Thailand.

“With C.V Missouri’s long-time commitment to offering high-quality brown egg day-old chicks to the Indonesian market, we are pleased to be their partner,” said Jonathan Cade, president of Hy-Line International. “We look forward to continuing this relationship long into the future.”


C.V. Missouri, located in Bandung, Indonesia, is a day-old chick distribution company, which has a long history and is operated by the Latif family. C.V. Missouri is one of the principle hatcheries in the country, and one of the few with grandparent stock.

Founded in 1936 by Henry A. Wallace, Hy-Line was the first poultry breeding company to apply the principles of hybridization to commercial layer breeding. Today, Hy-Line International continues to be a pioneer as the first company with its own in-house molecular genetics team leading the industry in application of DNA-based technology to its breeding and genetics program. Hy-Line produces and sells both brown and white egg stock to more than 120 countries worldwide and is the largest selling layer in the American egg industry and around the world.