The biogas plant manufacturer Weltec Biopower recently received the "Biogas Innovation Award of the German Agriculture" in recognition of its ProMOS Bio management system. Using this software, operators of all biogas plants can easily collect, check and analyze their operating data. The award in the "Economy" category honors particularly trend-setting technologies.
The award was bestowed for the sixth time at the Biogas Innovation Conference in Osnabrück, Germany. The two-day event, which also nominates scientific innovations, is organized by the German Farmers' Association (DBV), the German Biogas Association (FvB) and the German BioEnergy Association (BBE).
"We feel honored especially because the prominent expert jury has highlighted precisely the functions of ProMOS Bio on which we had focused during the development", says Andre Zurwellen, head of the WELTEC service. The innovative software, which has been available since autumn 2014, can be used to document plant data and to optimize maintenance measures and substrate input, thereby improving the efficiency of biogas plants. "Thus, the innovation fills an important user need", explains Zurwellen.
Similarly, Udo Hemmerling, Vice Secretary-General of the German Farmers' Association (DBV) comments: "Especially in view of the stricter German Renewable Energy Law (EEG) regulations, technically stable and profitable operation has become even more important." This is exactly where the smart tool comes in: It features analysis options that make it easy for the user to identify interrelationships, pinpoint the cost drivers of the plant and systematically plan for the future.
The profitability of the biogas plant operation is also the main concern of the regular functional upgrades that Weltec makes available free of charge to ProMOS Bio licensees: "By means of the updates, we facilitate aspects such as data collection and availability as well as audit management. For example, the latest update enables users to file documents in categories and create audit reports in a very short time", says Andre Zurwellen. With these functions, the system addresses the individual needs of the users even more effectively.
Weltec Biopower also received another award for ProMOS Bio: Back in April, the company was elected "BEST OF 2015" within the scope of the "INDUSTRIEPREIS" (industry award) of Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH. A jury comprising 30 professors and specialized journalists had found the WELTEC system worthy of this label. This is what they say: "The product delivers a high economic, social, technological and ecological benefit."