French cooperatives Cobiporc and Amelis Porc-Evolution have decided to unite their pig activities. A new entity will be formed on July 1 named YXIA.

This alliance enables the groups to create an autonomous entity which becomes a leader in French pig reproduction. The cooperative YXIA will lean on the resources of the group Evolution regarding research and development, export and equipment.

YXIA, a new leader in pig reproduction

Built by the pig breeders, this new entity allows Jean-Yves Trelhu, president of Cobiporc, and Jacques Coquelin, president of Amelis, to “create a major player to the service of the breeders of the western region of France.”

The cooperative YXIA will continue to maintain a strong partnership with the groups of pig producers and the breeding companies in order to serve the whole sector.

In the current context, this alliance between two healthy cooperatives is seen as the best way to create value for today’s breeders, while preparing for future stakes.


 “High quality” is at the center of the new cooperative’s ambitions. YXIA gathers the strengths of two structures and will have in the coming weeks a wide offer respecting the highest quality standards.

In this way, the cooperative YXIA will allow to continue to supply semen doses to the breeders, and in the best technical and economic conditions. The priority is given to the improvement of health quality, semen performances, quality of the deliveries and technical follow-up of the breeders.

On the occasion of the launching of YXIA, Trelhu and Coquelin point out the substantive work realized by both boards of directors, which has enabled to create with YXIA a structuring project for the pig sector.