Interested buyers have inquired about the former Tyson Foods plant in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, but for now, no offers have been made.

Tyson Foods closed its Tyson Prepared Foods plant in January, as well as another plant in Buffalo, New York. The company had earlier announced it would close both plants, as well as another in Cherokee, Iowa. The Cherokee plant’s last day in operation was September 27, 2014. The closings were planned to enable the company to use more of the available production capacity at some of its other prepared foods plants.

The Santa Teresa plant processed dinner meats, diced ham and roast beef. It employed more than 200 people.


“We have a couple of inquiries that are pretty serious that we are engaged with,” Jerry Pacheco, vice president and founder of the Border Industrial Association in Santa Teresa, told El Paso Inc.

However, because the plant is so specialized in its function, Pacheco indicated it could be a tough facility to sell.

He added that the 123,000 square foot facility, which is located near the Mexican border, could be an attractive option for a Mexican company that may want to establish a presence in the United States.