The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has approved $11 million in state loans to Allen Harim Foods for its poultry processing operations in Harbeson, Delaware.

The state agency awarded the loan to the poultry producer and processor during an August 19 meeting, after giving the loans conditional approval at a meeting held previously, according to an Associated Press report in the Washington Times.

The company wants to draw about $8.3 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to upgrade and expand the wastewater plant at its Harbeson processing facility. Allen Harim also wants a $3.2 million loan for a wastewater reuse project.


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control stated that a letter was sent to Allen Harim after the approval. The next step in the process is the closing of the loan.

According to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, Allen Harim Foods produced 5.96 million pounds of ready to cook poultry on a weekly basis during 2014 and is the 21st largest broiler company in the United States. It is currently planning to add to its capacity with the addition of a new poultry processing plant in Millsboro, Delaware. The site of the potential plant is a former Vlasic pickle plant.