Eggland’s Best searched from the mountains to the prairies for their next Chief Egg Officer (“CEO”), only to discover the winning candidate was located right in their backyard! New Jersey resident Kim Van Dunk has officially been named the Grand Prize winner of the Eggland’s Best “Chief Egg Officer Search” Contest earning her the honorary “CEO” title. Along with her new title, Van Dunk has been awarded $5,000 and a one-year supply of Eggland’s Best eggs.

“I am so grateful to Eggland’s Best for selecting me as their new ‘CEO.’ As a long-time loyal customer I know that Eggland’s Best eggs are simply superior in nutrition, freshness and taste, and I am absolutely thrilled to be in a position to spread that news,” says Kim Van Dunk. “I hope that more and more people will take a look at Eggland’s Best eggs and see them for the nutritional powerhouses they are. They will take any dish from ordinary to extraordinary!”

For this year’s “CEO” contest, entrants were asked to demonstrate their passion for Eggland’s Best eggs by answering a variety of questions including why they deserve to be the next “CEO” and what they love about the brand. The company then narrowed the entrants down to three egg-straordinary candidates: Mary Everette of Ohio, Jenny Stein of Texas and Kim Van Dunk of New Jersey. Eggland’s Best then turned to fans to help in the judging process by asking them to vote which of the three finalists they would name “CEO.”


“The title of Chief Egg Officer holds great importance to us at Eggland’s Best as the individual receiving the title will become a member of the Eggland’s Best family,” says Charlie Lanktree, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eggland’s Best. “As we welcome Kim Van Dunk to the Eggland’s Best team, we want to extend our gratitude towards her predecessor, Karen Petersen of Huntsville, Alabama. Karen has shared her passion for EB eggs and we will continue to view her as a valued member of our family.”

The two runners-up of this year’s “CEO” contest will each receive a $500 cash prize and six month supply of Eggland’s Best eggs. In addition to her $5,000 cash prize and year supply of Eggland’s Best eggs, Van Dunk will be receiving a nutrition consultation from Registered Dietitians Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos, also known as The Nutrition Twins.

“As a mom and true fan of Eggland’s Best, I cannot wait to share nutritious recipe ideas, using Eggland’s Best eggs, that Kim and her family can enjoy around the kitchen table,” says Shames. “Eggs are such a versatile ingredient and what I love about EB eggs is, compared to ordinary eggs, they are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamin E, making it easier to provide my family the nutrients they need for optimal health.”