From WATTAgNet:

Avian influenza precautions, a major restaurant chain shifting toward antibiotic-free meat and poultry, and expansion projects for a major U.S. broiler company were among the topics of great interest to the poultry industry during the week ending October 22.

Koch Foods expanding Mississippi poultry plants

Koch Foods is expanding two poultry plants in Mississippi -- one in Morton and one in Forest. 

Subway switching to antibiotic-free poultry, pork, beef

Subway announced on October 20 that it will stop serving poultry, pork and beef from animals raised with the use of antibiotics of any sort in its U.S. restaurants. 

BLOG: Hickman's Family Farms showcased well on 'Dirty Jobs'

Roy Graber: When Mike Rowe and his crew for the Discovery Channel show "Dirty Jobs" went to a Hickman's Family Farms egg facility in Arizona, Rowe stated: "Not everybody is comfortable seeing exactly where their food comes from."

Hospitals urged to serve antibiotic-free meat, poultry


Hospitals are being urged by University of California-San Francisco scientists to stop serving meat and poultry from animals raised with antibiotics. 

Hotlines proven useful tools in avian flu biosecurity

Several states have calling systems in place that alert poultry producers when and where a new case of avian influenza has occurred. 

China broiler companies report losses for third quarter

Two of China's largest broiler companies reported losses in the third quarter. 

Extraordinary avian flu precautions at Sanderson Farms

Brazil poultry, pig farmers face record production costs