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Egg Production
eggshell | Alessandro Paiva
on June 17, 2016

3 organic trace minerals that will improve eggshell quality

Learn how eggshell quality can be improved through careful use of microminerals.

Egg producers know that shell consistency is a critical characteristic of their eggs, since it directly affects how well their eggs perform in the market. Poor eggshell quality can result in price directions or losses.

In this month's issue of Egg Industry, we cover three trace minerals that are essential to good eggshell quality:

  • Manganese (Mn) - can result in eggs without shells
  • Zinc (Zn) - shell pigment can be effected by insufficient Zinc
  • Copper (Cu) - can result in corrugated eggshells

Each of these offers various benefits to egg shell quality, and a lack of these minerals can result in very specific problems. For example, insufficient manganese can lead to shells with a more rounded shape with translucent areas around the equator.

Various studies have suggested that organic minerals offer several benefits compared to inorganic forms.

Learn more about how these minerals can impact your shells in the digital edition of Egg Industry.

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