Recent cage-free purchase pledges by egg buyers in the U.S. have led to a flurry of cage-free housing purchases by U.S. egg companies.

The most recent issue of Egg Industry explains why aviary systems can offer several benefits compared to convertible or combi systems and floor and nest systems.

We also provide a list of eight U.S. suppliers who identified themselves as aviary suppiers in Egg Industry's cage-free housing survey, including the following which are provided in alphabetical order:

1) Big Dutchman's NaturaStep aviaries are door-free systems that allow birds to move up and down the system to feed and drink. It offers a mechanical nest that is open during the day lay period and closed at night.


2) Farm Innovation Team (FIT) Nature 2 Aviary System offers a diverse design that enables an optimal density with different dimensions of existing buildings. It also offers an LED lighting distribution system and a tilting floor system.

3) Hellmann Poultry Systems' Aviary Pro 10 and Aviary Pro 11 aviaries build upon the proven properties of other systems and are geared toward customers with higher buildings who prefer a less intensive investment solution. It offers automatic doors and 20 different design variations.

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